Accounting Reports
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Accountants need accurate reports of sales, VAT and Fees.
Compiling these reports requires a great deal of knowledge of the platform.
Save time and energy without having to do endless complex calculations.
Take back control and let our software do the work for you while you focus
on what really matters, which is selling on Amazon.

Get the professional reports
your accountant will love

This tool has been created after 10 years of experience selling on 11 different marketplaces on Amazon.

Most accountants cannot work with the reports provided by Amazon. They need well-structured and easy-to-understand reports that help them to simplify the accounting process and and to stay compliant with all local Tax Authorities.

With our software, you will save hundreds of hours collecting data, avoid accounting errors, and significantly reduce the accounting fees while focusing your time solely on selling on Amazon.

After thousands of iterations and hundreds of hours of fine-tuning with our experts, these reports are exactly what you need.


Accounting and Tax reports

Get the accounting and tax reports that will allow your company to complete, audit, and/or file IVA/VAT, sales tax, and OSS/IOSS returns:

  • European B2B and B2C sales and VAT,
  • EU Intra-community B2B sales,
  • One-Stop Shop reports – Union and Import schemes,
  • EU Intra-community movement of goods,
  • North American and European regions Fee reports,
  • Sales tax in each U.S. state.

Order and Refund Management

Sort and filter your orders and refunds in real-time.

  • A customizable view of all your orders and refunds by marketplace.
  • Details of price, taxes, discounts, and quantity, as well as a direct link to check the order or refund details in seller central.
  • Our interactive menu allows you to aggregate and filter the data at the marketplace or product level per date, current order status, and fulfillment type.
  • Search engine: get the status of your orders in real-time with the ASIN or SKU of your product.
  • Track the most important metrics such as your return rate and operating profit margin.

Sales, fees and Profit & Loss dashboard

Account all of your sales, fees, and charges in one single easy-to-read summary report and broken down by marketplace.

  • Know and analyze your revenues and expenses, profits, margins, ROI, ACOS, and TACOS globally, by Marketplace or product, applying filters by date, brand, ASIN, or marketplace.
  • Get data broken down by revenue type, charges, costs, promotions, and other fees and adjustments related to your merchant account in the currency and time period of your choice.
  • Track your PPC performance by type of advertising campaign.
  • Download the sales and profit & loss reports and get the information you need to improve your Amazon business and increase your profit.
  • Fee summary report including hard-to-track miscellaneous fees, broken down by fee type, date, amount, VAT, and marketplace.

Product costs
management tool

Add and update your Cost of Goods Sold and VAT rate of your products to understand the impact on your profit margins.

  • Differentiate between the historical and current cost of your products, adapting them to price fluctuations.
  • Keep VAT rates, and direct and indirect costs up to date and get vital metrics to improve your profit margin.
  • Identify the most and least profitable products in your portfolio.
  • Know the value of your inventory in real-time.

Inventory Management Tool

Save time and don’t run out of inventory with our intuitive inventory tracking tool.

  • Identify real-time FBA inventory levels by region and ASIN.
  • Simplify your workflow and know your inventory days remaining based on your orders and sales velocity.
  • Manage your own warehouse or 3PL inventory data by product and location.
  • Maintain accurate inventory levels to increase profitability.

Coming soon

Other income and expenses management tool
Easy to understand charts, graphs and seller metrics
More Amazon marketplaces
Real reviews from our clients


"Since I've started using Vendorati I am in control of my business financials and tax returns, specially the OSS tax return. It has helped me save countless hours of manual data processing and I've never seen my accountant so excited when I send him the monthly reports. Great support from their technical and support team."

Santiago Amazon seller

"Finally! A software where you can download Amazon VAT, sales tax and accounting reports. You can get the OSS and IOSS reports and file the tax return forms in 5 minutes, It is really amazing. Now, I can see all my Amazon sales and fees in one single dashboard. I have saved lots of time with Vendorati reports and their many features."

Jose Antonio Amazon seller

"Switched to Vendorati from another famous application and could not be happier with the change. In addition to having my sales and expenses almost in real-time, it calculates new expenses that I had no idea existed and I couldn't find them manually. Also, the summary for accounting saves me a lot of time since it takes out all my sales with the corresponding VATs perfectly structured to send to you my accountant. It saves me a lot of time!"

Alvaro Amazon seller

"I love Vendorati! Finally an all-in-one software, at an accounting level I can download accurately, broken-down sales/VAT and rates reports from Amazon, I can also track and analyze all the financial aspects of my business. The support team is also excellent. Without a doubt I recommend Vendorati for all its functions, it is an essential tool for every Amazon seller."

Dominic Amazon seller

Vendorati is already indispensable in my business. Downloading all the perfect VAT, OSS and IOSS reports saves me a lot of time and money. It also allows me to see the breakdown of my sales as I have never seen before and in real time, excellent. Without a doubt, it is the software that any Amazon seller needs.

Iván Amazon seller


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Supported marketplaces

Frequently Asked Questions

North America and Brazil: USA, Mexico, Canada and Brazil.


Europe: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey.


Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


Asia-Pacific: Australia, Japan, Singapore and India.

You will only need one login to access all data and reports. However, you will need to authorize your North American and European accounts separately.

The currency exchange rates come from, one of the leading APIs in the market.

In your account, under settings, you can choose the time zone that suits you best.

The data provided by our software is updated in real-time as the Amazon API responds to our data requests.

Product cost and VAT rates are updated immediately after the updates are uploaded and saved.

Of course not.

You can cancel at any time.

The free trial will give you full access to the software's functionalities for 15 days.

We accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.