About us

We are a start-up with a passion for creating an easy-to-understand software solution for Amazon sellers, and a mission to offer an intelligent, mobile and agile application, providing Tax & Accounting reports, business dashboards and smart business insights to manage your Amazon stores more effectively, generate greater sales and increase profitability.

Vendorati is made up of a team of experienced Amazon sellers and international accounting and tax experts, working together with a solid team of in-house software developers.

The combination of these three fundamental pillars of our team, allow us to offer a product unique in the market, compiling the data from Amazon in a smart and effective way, displaying it in a manner never seen before.

We help Amazon sellers to save time on accounting and tax administration tasks, allowing them to focus on growing their Amazon business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands and Sweden.

You will only need one login to access all the data and reports.

The exchange rates are coming from fixer.io, a leading API that provides exchange rates

You can choose any time zone you prefer.

Dashboard and orders data updates every 10 minutes. Cost of goods sold and VAT rates are updated immediately after uploading and saving the updates. It takes 2 to 5 minutes to run and download the reports, depending on the amount of transactions to be processed and the date range selection.

No contracts or hidden charges. You can cancel anytime. For subscription management we are using chargebee.com which provides a portal that lets you manage your subscription and methods of payment

It gives you full access to the dashboard features for 15 days. During the trial you cannot generate reports. 

All major credit card providers are accepted (Visa, Mastercard etc)