Middle East authorization

Amazon Seller Central API specifies that countries from the Middle East like Saudi Arabia or Arabic Emirates belong to the European API zone. However, there are situations when the Merchant Token for the countries in the Middle East differs from the one associated with the European countries.

Vendorati authorization works on a “regional” basis, which means when you authorize a region (ex: Europe), you actually authorize the merchant token associated with a country in that region (ex: Spain). This procedure does not work if your Saudi Arabia merchant token differs from the Spanish merchant token.

We have chosen to authorize regions instead of seller accounts so that users don’t authorize multiple seller accounts that participate in the same country (for example having 3 seller accounts in Spain). However it seems that some Amazon sellers have a different merchant token for the Middle East countries and, for this reason, we had to implement this as a different region.

Very important!

Given the fact that Amazon considers that the Middle East countries belong to the European API zone, you have to make sure that, when you authorize the Middle East region, you don’t log in the Amazon account associated with the merchant token from the European countries.

To find your merchant token, simply follow these steps:

  1. From your seller account, go to the Settings menu and select Account Info.
  2. From the Business Information section, click on Merchant Token. The token can be found at the bottom of the page.