The Amazon Fees report

This report summarizs all the fees and charges collected by Amazon without leaving any aside, whether you are an FBA or FBM seller.

It contains the following fees, grouped by category:

  • Referral Fees: commissions on sales paid to Amazon in accordance with the rates provided in their program agreements and commission on refunds paid by Amazon to you. Here we include other referral fees such as the Variable and Fixed Closing Fees,
  • FBA Fees: on orders fulfilled by Amazon, broken down by fulfillment (including Giftwrap and Shipping fees), inventory (Storage) and transportation (Stock Inbounds).
  • Amazon Chargebacks: charges paid to you by the customer at the point of sale that are claimed back by Amazon FBA as they provided the service on your behalf (Shipping, Giftwrapping and/or other services provided)
  • Inventory Disposals and Removal fees,
  • Cost of advertising on Amazon,
  • Seller Subscription fees,
  • Other Amazon fees: it groups miscellaneous fees and other charges.

The file has several spreadsheets. In the first sheet, you can find a Fee Summary report divided into 2 tables: ‘Amazon Fees’ and ‘Other Amazon Fees’. Both tables are grouped by fee category and can be broken down to see the content details. The first table includes all the fees for which Amazon issues an invoice. The second table includes all the fees that were charged by Amazon but were not included in any invoices issued by them.

In the following sheets, you will find the Fee Summary report divided by marketplace!

Vendorati sources all the data directly through Amazon API, which is the Amazon web service and application programming interface that gives our application programmers access to data from your seller central.

Don’t forget! Once you have downloaded the Sales & VAT and Fee reports from Vendorati, download all the invoices that Amazon issued to you from your seller central and send them to your accountant/tax advisor altogether with the reports.

Finally, always remember to keep your product costs updated. If you don’t, your profit margin and ROI KPIs will not be 100% accurate.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the Vendorati Support team and drop us a message.